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An Omnichannel Logistics 'Dining' Experience!

In the famous words of Lumière from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, “Be our guest! Be our guest.”

From appetisers to dessert, UrbanFox presents you with the full course of omnichannel logistics for your dinner this evening!

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Omnichannel Logistics speaks of a transparent supply chain that comes full circle - from inventories sitting in the warehouse to cross border deliveries and product returns.

“Transparency through connectivity” – Brands remain connected with inventories and customers with their orders. That is the winning recipe behind omnichannel logistics.

Without further ado, ‘let us pull up a chair, as the dining room proudly presents… your dinner’.



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Cross Border (Shipping)


For our appetiser, with over 5 million square feet of warehousing and distribution facilities across Australia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam, UrbanFox enables brands to tap into regional markets speedily. 

You can expect a diverse freight forwarding solutions in your starters, consisting of:

  • Air Freight – Project Cargo
  • Ocean Freight – Full Container Load (FCL), Less than Container Load (LCL) , Consolidation & De-Consolidation
  • Haulage – Containerise & Breakbulk
  • Custom Clearance – GST & Port, handling of Importer of Record (IOR) & Exporter of Record (EOR)


Moreover, to ensure the efficient transportation of goods across countries, we offer a comprehensive storage solution:

  • Ambient/temperature-controlled goods
  • Bulk/Heavy Cargo & Project Cargo
  • Open Yard Storage

Like always, brands can remain connected with their parcel and inventory locations through real-time data.



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Fulfilment Centre

We hope that we have managed to whip up your appetite, as up next, we will be serving the main dish of the evening, the Fulfilment Centre. Acting as the bookkeeper, the Fulfilment Centre records every logistic process. It is your go-to-place to observe stock balances and activities in real-time.


Centralised Inventory Pool

By consolidating inventories into a centralised pool, the benefits are multifold. Inflows and outflows, as well as their stock balance across all channels (physical and online), are all accounted for at a glance.

For example, in the fast-paced Cross-Docking process, inventories’ arrivals and dispatches can be managed alongside our Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS). They are stored and retrieved on-demand, and are fully reflected in the pool.



This makes up for shorter delivery times and seamless adaptation of just-in-time (JIT) inventory system. Warehouse storage space are also minimised to an extent adequate for fulfilling timely stock replenishment and product demands.


Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

  • Integration of brands’ Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to UrbanFox’s Warehouse Management System (WMS).
  • UF adjusts the demand and supply gaps according to customers’ order demands in real time
  • Customer is alerted of demand and supply trends.



Multi-Temperature Storage Facilities

UrbanFox specialises from ambient to temperature-controlled (deep freeze – air conditioned) storage facilities for products across 6 major industries:

To keep the stored products at their highest quality and efficacy, our specialised operators, monitors and sensors are constantly on the ground to regulate the storage temperature.




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Most certainly, your main course would not be complete without the right beverage to match! Just like red wine to a steak, we present last-mile to your fulfilment centres!


B2B2C Delivery Network

UrbanFox relies on a B2B2C delivery network, offering last-mile deliveries to retail stores, shopping malls, smart lockers, door-to-door, pharmacies, hospitals and many more.

Brands can expect to leverage on a scalable fleet size, 13 distribution points, 5 warehouses and over 340 collection points for a swift distribution process.

Our last-mile delivery solutions can even be expanded to temperature-sensitive and time-critical product deliveries such as medication, alcohol or dairy products. Time and time again, our hybrid delivery network (fixed fleet & crowdsourcing) has allowed us to scale alongside fluctuation in product demands.


Customer Service & Reverse Logistics

Together with our dedicated team of customer service officers, we remain close to our customers throughout the entire shopping experience. Order enquiries, tracking, rescheduling, provision for re-delivery and product returns can all be arranged via a phone call or email (single point of contact).

For the latter, it should never ever be neglected in eCommerce. We ensure that hassle-free returns are always available with our reverse logistics solutions. According to Narvar, a whopping 96% of consumers are likely to patronise a retailer again if they had positive returns experience.


Certifications for Product Handling and Distribution

UrbanFox handles every good with utmost importance, ensuring that they are properly organised for shipments and distributions. Our equipment are well maintained to prevent any breakdowns or accident that might disrupt efficiency.



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Channel Management

Last but definitely not least, dessert! Our pâtissier has whipped up our most flavourful and characteristic dish just yet - Channel Management; served together with our production information management tool, Multi-Channel Commerce Platform, is truly the cherry on top.


Onboarding to Established eMarketplaces - MCCP

Brands can expect full-on exposure to renowned B2B and B2C eMarketplaces and brand webstores with developed customer network (eProcure, Shopee, Lazada, Qoo10, Zalora, Shopify, Magento and more). Product campaigns and offerings can also be updated seamlessly across each platform.

Whenever an online order is made, our fulfilment centre gets moving with the picking, packing and sorting processes. Our synchronised order movement capabilities get the orders up to speed and ready for last-mile deliveries.

To top that off, brands can gain full visibility over their channels’ performance through a single dashboard e.g. total orders, sales revenue, inventory levels, sale forecasts, etc. 


One-Stop-Shop Model

Procuring corporate supplies on a regular basis is no easy feat. Rather than scouting multiple stores and worrying about suppliers’ credibility, UrbanFox’s eProcure Store has gone ahead to remove that hassle for you.

eProcure gathers validated sellers in one place, offering corporate supplies ranging from printing, stationaries, food and beverages, electronics, safety gears to even team-bonding activities.

The added convenience of self-generated quotations and credit purchases are sure to make your checkout process a breeze. On an individual level, employees can enjoy employee purchase programmes to secure the best purchase deals and delivered it their homes.


As we have prepared and served this culinary cabaret with flair, we hope you enjoyed your full-course omnichannel logistics meal with us here today.

Have a great evening, and we do hope to see you back at UrbanFox soon!

For future bookings to dine and meet with our omnichannel specialist, head on over to https://www.urbanfox.asia/company/contact-us-2/



About UrbanFox

Together with GEODIS Logistics, UrbanFox delivers 3PL and 4PL services to empower 500 esteemed homegrown and global brands to strengthen their presence in the region through our:

• Integrated B2B2C fulfilment
• Cross-border & last-mile distribution
• Real-time inventory and
• Online-to-offline retail management

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