Redefine The Sales Approach with A Fun Social Commerce Platform, TikTok Shop

Social commerce is booming and taking the online shopping space by storm. Providing a seamless shopping experience and an interactive space for shoppers to discover brands, conduct product research, and complete purchases while browsing social media, all without leaving the app. On popular social channels such as TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, shoppers can discuss products with the brand through customer service features and read reviews from fellow shoppers.

Brands can leverage the power of social commerce to provide a smooth shopping experience by offering products to potential shoppers via TikTok Shop, Instagram Shop, and Facebook Marketplace.

TikTok not only redefined a sales approach for the brand by providing an entertaining and interactive shopping experience in this competitive social commerce platform. It swiftly manages inventory, orders, promotions, creator partnerships, and customer service, all on a single platform.

The innovative new shopping features of TikTok Shop allows brands and creators to display and sell products directly through in-feed videos, live streaming, and product showcase tabs. A brand can leverage these three key pillars to build a rapidly scalable revenue stream: brand-led live streaming and in-feed videos or collaboration with TikTok Shop Partners and TikTok creators. These bring extended reach to their followers via live streaming and in-feed videos. Also, the brand can participate in TikTok Shop’s monthly campaigns to maximize business performance and build long-term influence.

TikTok offers early bird incentives such as zero platform fees, and low payment gateway fees, among others, to get kickstarted. A wide range of product categories from beauty, fashion, electronics, home & living, and personal care have become popular on the platform with these valuable incentives.

And how can UrbanFox add value for you? Relax and let us take charge. From managing end-to-end marketplace, to centralized supply chain omnichannel management, digital marketing, including your logistical needs.

With our TikTok Shop Partner award, we enable brands to gain target audiences, drive brand awareness, engagement, traffic, and sales conversion through engaging content and live streams. For example, we identify the brands goal and customize an effective plan by leveraging lookalike audiences and optimising marketing spend to achieve desired outcome.

We are experienced in engaging and managing a dynamic brand portfolio through:

  • Digital marketing solutions
  • Livestreaming productions
  • Product photography productions
  • Platform engagement boosters
  • Warehouse and fulfilment services
  • Hosting livestreaming sessions
  • Campaign management
  • Content management
  • Ad optimization on brand and user generated content
  • Manage and work with popular content creators to produce engaging content and live streaming

Brands can implement several activities as part of marketing campaigns through new channels. Alternatively, brands can use our expert e-commerce services to expand their businesses and maximise services on TikTok Shop, allowing more time to be spent on primary business activities.

By engaging us, brands can enjoy the following benefits:

- No additional platform management charge

- No minimum requirement of followers [comparative to non-enabler brands]

- Keep updated with the latest insights, plan better sales and marketing with us

- Take advantage of various incentive policies offering cash and traffic

UrbanFox Asia is ready to enable your brand with our resources and expertise.

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