Life of a Fox (Safety Edition): Meet David our Control & Safety Manager

My name is David Roche and I manage the control, safety, and operational excellence in UrbanFox. A little bit about myself; I was formerly from an Australian commercial furniture business, and I made the transition into Urban Logistics thereafter. The opportunity to try a different industry sector arose through UrbanFox, whose concept seemed intriguing and challenging to me.

My main responsibilities include operations management, ensuring that SOPs are in place and coordinated properly; one of my key role is to ensure that UrbanFox is aligned with GEODIS's safety policies. Other key tasks that I oversee include the onboarding of clients and managing special projects such as with SingHealth, M1, etc.

To me, safety is an integral part of our lives, especially with our loved ones and colleagues. Safety awareness is essential for us to avoid tragedies that can be otherwise averted and this drives a positive effect on our overall quality of life and happiness.

As part of GEODIS’s requirements, we have implemented a hazard reporting process that encourages our staff and visitors to report on safety hazards around the workplace. Reporting is done through scanning of a QR code and reporting through online means.

This immediate hazard reporting process allows employees to report dangerous conditions or practices as soon as they notice them, allowing for prompt reporting and subsequent corrective actions without waiting for the next round of regular inspections. Incentives are also given to encourage our staff to report on hazards around the workplace.

I also conduct a 5-minute safety issue brief every day, where the operations team talk about any safety issues, ideas on improvements and past incidents shared by GEODIS which are recorded & logged.

All in all, GEODIS continually provides safety training, courses, meetings, inspections and continuously helps us in upholding our safety standards.

- David Roche, Manager (Control, OE & Safety)


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