Deepavali 2019

You may be here from looking at our Facebook and LinkedIn posts of the Rangoli that our colleagues did together. Well, welcome to the behind-the-scenes of how the UrbanFox Rangoli came to live!

Before any of this, it all started with an idea. An idea of making a Rangoli for this years Deepavali, and instantly the Urban Fox Logo came to our minds. But there was one problem, none of us had ever done it before. Conceptualising the idea took an entire day for us where we found out how to make a Rangoli, and engaging the marketing and HR teams to ensure that the idea could come to fruition.

The purpose of Rangoli is decoration, and it is thought to bring good luck. Generally, this practice is showcased during occasions such as festivals, auspicious observances, marriage celebrations and other similar milestones and gatherings.

In order to make a Rangoli, we needed a bag of rice, food colouring and vinegar. We bought Vinegar and food colouring and used an expired bag of rice that we found in the pantry. Ensuring that the colours of the rice had the same colour consistency was a challenge in itself! However, through sheer perseverance, our marketing Executive Shawn managed to get as close as possible the colours of our UrbanFox Logo.

Shawn making rice new

Shawn, making a batch test of orange rice for the Fox’s Ears


We had our studio set up and outlined the fox so that it would be easier to make the UrbanFox Rangoli. (By the way did you know that we have our own in-house photography studio where we take professional shots for our brands and customers - hope we did not make a mess out of it!)

Photo StudioOur awesome photography studio!

Setting up

Joshuah (that's me!), Sin Yen and Shawn setting up the rice and UrbanFox Rangoli


Bervyn Setting up

Bervyn, our Marketing intern setting up the camera

It was now time to call our colleagues in groups to make the Rangoli. We did not know what to expect but hoped that the process would go smoothly.


IT UF Rangoli

I.T. & Tech Department


Making UF Rangoli 3

Human Resources & Regional Strategic Business Development Department

And finally, we have done it! The UrbanFox Rangoli was completed and we think that it looks amazing!.


Final UF Rangoli

UrbanFox's masterpiece Rangoli

We would like to thank all of our colleagues, our beloved foxes for putting in the effort to make this possible!

UrbanFox wishes colleagues, customers, friends and family a happy Deepavali!