Customer Appreciation - Expanding Possibilities Together Growth through Partnerships

On the 25th of April, UrbanFox hosted our first ever Customer Appreciation event at the Keppel Leadership Institute. Located at Harbourfront, the site overlook Keppel Bay which include the luxury waterfront residence the Reflections and award winning marina.

U.F Customer Appreciation


The theme of the event was exploring opportunities and growth through partnerships. We invited customers and guest speakers for a midweek networking lunch session. The lineup included sharings from UrbanFox, Shopee and Clarks.




Joe Choa, Managing Director, UrbanFox

Joe kicked off the event with a brief introduction into the company’s journey and milestones. From solely providing courier services to being an omnichannel enabler, the company has grown immensely in the last 10 years.

Distinguished guests from Shopee and Clarks were invited to share with attendees how should one adopt and navigate an eCommerce business strategy.


Elijah Yong, Head of Business Development, Shopee Singapore

Elijah touched on regionalising by localisation and went in-depth on understanding the consumer market. The sharing highlighted the effects of using local ambassadors as part of the customised marketing efforts to target the different local market. Understanding the region and local market is extremely important as there is ‘no one size fits all’ business strategy for all SEA markets.

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Guillaume Nagy, President SEA & Australasia, Clarks

Guillaume shared on how businesses can understand the Southeast Asia eCommerce landscape and the importance of having a one-stop eCommerce enabler. The talk highlighted the pain points of businesses when trying to scale up their business online. Which is where UrbanFox services came in to help digitalise Clark’s business and to aid them in their eCommerce business strategy.


James, Head of Business Development, UrbanFox Singapore

James concluded the event with an informative segment on how UrbanFox can help businesses scale up their eCommerce operations.

We would like to extend our thanks to the guest speakers as well as our customers, for taking their time out to come and spend a meaningful and educational afternoon with UrbanFox. We hope to see you again!

UrbanFox will be hosting more of such events in the future. Keep a lookout for our next event in July!