11.11 Highlights - Tech & Innovation Department

In Part 3 and our final edition of 11.11 Highlights, we now place the limelight on our Foxes in the Tech & Innovation team! Being part of a fast-paced, ever-changing industry; UrbanFox faces the growing demands of eCommerce and urban logistics.

Technology enhancement and system robustness is the foundation of a strong tech-driven company, and here at UrbanFox, we are proud of the achievements of our Tech team!

Our Project Managers, Full-Stack Developers, Infrastructure and Multi-Channel Commerce Platform teams took on the daunting task of keeping the company up to speed this 11.11!


Project Managers

The first team comprises of Project Managers; often, they are the key personnel involved in overseeing projects and development testing for our back-end systems. Trust us when we say they have it tough, coordinating with the other functions and business partners on assessing and understanding their needs, process flows and system upgrades!

While we first started with integration to Lazada, today we are integrated with Qoo10, Shopee and Zalora as well! Our Project Managers were the fore runners in developing the internal systems and programs to the ever-growing needs of the marketplace(s).

1111 Project ManagerOur Project Managers leading the team meeting!


Full-Stack Developers

Working closely with our Project Managers, Full-Stack Developers are placed in charge to maintain and develop our multi-array of systems (Transport Management System, Warehouse Management System, Order Management System, etc.)

Taking on an important function, they are our first line of defence against threats during peak seasons and especially so this 11.11!

A day-to-day in the life of our Developers also includes the maintenance and enhancement of system uptimes, reviewing and troubleshooting any system flaws.

IMG_2226Game on! Our Full-Stack Developers are really friendly! (just them being serious at work here)



Another key function in our Tech team comprises of our Foxes in Infrastructure. They ensure system robustness during the peak campaigns, allowing for spike in transactions and the surge in loading of our network.

Are you a new hire or looking for an equipment upgrade? Our Infrastructure team is also in charge of equipping our Foxes with the correct equipment and resources to handle the 11.11 peak campaign.

With a key focus on network security, we rely heavily on Infrastructure for mission success this 11.11!

1111 InfrastructureMulti-screens? Multi-task? Most certainly, multi-talented Foxes in our Infrastructure team!


Multi-Channel Commerce Platform (MCCP) Team

Our last and final team in our 11.11 Highlights is none other than our MCCP team! With the need to manage several marketplaces and back-end systems, our MCCP is the key Order Management System that allows for multi marketplace integrations.

Managing a myriad of requirements – simple, complex and combined listings (just to name a few), the team coordinates with our internal developers and Merchandisers to determine the best course of action for system upgrades.

While shopping this 11.11, our Foxes at MCCP team ensure your orders flow smoothly within our system, communicating with our back end for a complete end-to-end mapping.

1111 MCCP TeamBought something this 11.11? Your orders might just have flowed through the team powering our back end system - Our MCCP Team!


Tech & Innovation Team

Our Tech & Innovation Team works in sync with our front-end requirements, continuing to upgrade our systems to keep up with the demands of the market. While you have been shopping this 11.11, we would like to take this opportunity to mention our superheroes behind the scene; our Foxes in Tech that allowed for a smooth and pleasant shopping journey for our customers, such as yourself!


11.11 Highlights

We hope you’ve enjoyed this 3-part series of our 11.11 Highlights, a small peak into the eCommerce world and the life of our Foxes! 😊 Thank you for being part of our 11.11 journey and we look forward to future shopping experiences with you. We hope you’ve had a great 11.11 as much as we did!

Finally, a BIG Kudos to our Foxes and their hard work as we continue to grow strong into 2020 and beyond! Onward UrbanFox!


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