11.11 Highlights - Operations Department

In Part 1 of 11.11 Highlights, let us look at our Foxes from the Operations Team – A group of Foxes whose daily operations enable the process of order-to-delivery, bringing your 11.11 orders to your doorstep.

They are none other than our Inventory, Transport, Customer Service, and Control & Safety Teams!


Inventory Team

Our Inventory Team, more commonly known as the Warehouse Fulfilment team is the often-forgotten point in the eCommerce journey among customers and sellers. They are the first point of dispatch, where an eOrder is translated into physical goods. A typical day for our Foxes consists of inventory management (stock inbound, outbound and returns management).

Prior to 11.11, they worked closely with our merchandisers and brand partners to prepare for the massive order volume by cleaning and maintaining the warehouse and workstations.


1111 InventoryOur Foxes picking your orders at the storage bin locations

The overall process includes a Stage-Gate Control system, which ensures picking and stock accuracy, matching individual orders to the unique product barcode level. Our Foxes also perform Quality Checks and Returns Management (we know you enjoy the 15 days return policy on the marketplaces 😊) of goods to our warehouse.

Undoubtedly, our Inventory team plays a significant role in serving our B2B and B2C clientele this Singles Day.

Transport Team

After Pick and Pack is completed, your 11.11 orders are ready for shipment! With that, the baton (your parcels) is passed to our Foxes in the Transport Team.

Our unique model utilises a hybrid delivery partner system in managing the hyper surge in delivery orders (which we are expecting to quadruple this 11.11).

Parcels are collected, sorted, and assigned from our warehouse to our Delivery Partners (DPs). Allocation is enhanced through a combination of zoning, heat mapping and artificial intelligence. (By the way, did you know, UrbanFox is one of four key parties in courier-parcel AI in Singapore, together with Fujitsu, SMU and A*STAR?)

Assisted by the Automated Sortation machine, DPs can receive their allocated delivery orders, scheduled through our app, via pick up at our warehouse or collection points islandwide.


At this stage, it means your 11.11 orders are almost reaching your doorstep! How exciting! 😊

At this stage, it means your 11.11 orders are almost reaching your doorstep! How exciting! 😊

Customer Service (CS)

The next key team in our Operations Department are our unsung hero-Foxes, the CS Team!

Remember that parcel which was almost reaching your doorstep? Our CS Team ensure efficient assistance in any inquiries, tracking, rescheduling and provision for re-delivery.

Or when you reached out to our brand partners via the Marketplace Chat Systems? You might not be aware, but it is our CS Team who are managing the chats for our brand partners!

1111CS 2Do drop us a message and say Hi if you happen to be corresponding with our Foxes through the chats.

This 11.11, our CS Team is prepared to serve above and beyond, ensuring that your parcels reach you safe and sound!

Control & Safety

The last team in the limelight is none other than our Control & Safety Team! They are the guardians, and enforcers of processes and safety of our operations crew. Prior to the campaign period, our Foxes planned the crowd and traffic control, ensuring smooth operational flow.

During this 11.11, they are in charge of managing the overview of all orders/parcel statuses. They are the key personnel in managing all escalation of events, investigations, and coordination with the other key departments on strategic partnerships.


UrbanFox Operations Team

This is just a glimpse of what our Foxes in Operations do; as they all work in tandem to ensure customer and operational excellence, with an emphasis on safety this 11.11.

Most certainly, we identify and understand that we might not be perfect and will strive for improvements; to continue placing customers such as yourself, our top priority.

We hope that you had a great shopping experience this 11.11, getting all your items in your wishlist! Do drop us a message or feedback below, if any, or simply say hi!

Happy Shopping! 😊


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