11.11 Highlights - Channel Management Department

We hope you’ve managed to catch a glimpse of what our Foxes at Operations do in yesterday’s post. In today’s part 2 of 11.11 Highlights, we will be looking at the Channel Management Team, comprising of our Foxes from Merchandising, Content, Creatives & Marketing Solutions.

Our Foxes are actively involved in the eCommerce marketplace experience and they work closely with our brand partners to bring the best and most relevant products to you!



The first group of Foxes from the Channel Management Team is none other than our Merchandisers! They are the bridge between our brand partners, marketplaces and internal departments such as finance and business development teams.

Daily involvement includes maintaining brands marketplace/store layouts, product pricing strategies, order processing, and inventory monitoring.

They are effectively providing the best online shopping journey that our customers, such as yourself, experienced; maintaining customers’ excellence at the heart of all decisions.

1111 MerchandiserOur merchandisers in intense discussion on the day of 11.11 ensuring the success of sales and orders flow. 


Content Team

These are Foxes that are essential in supporting our merchandisers and are the gatekeepers of visuals, designs, aesthetics, and content that reaches to our audiences.

In preparation for the 11.11 campaign, they worked closely with our brand and marketplace partners to ensure a great customer experience - in terms of content communication; product description, user manuals and size guides, etc.

Part-time copywriters, part-time designers (and part-time superstars 😊), they play an important role in driving the correct content to you, elevating the best shopping experience this 11.11!

1111 Content Team-1All hands on deck! Our Content Team monitoring product listings and brand visuals


Creatives & Marketing Solutions

Saw something that caught your eye? It might just be from our Creative Foxes! Our final team in the limelight is from Creatives & Marketing Solutions! As their title suggests, they oversee the aesthetics and creatives of products/banners for the marketplaces and eStores.

Boasting our own in-house photography studio to create product packages, visual covers and model shoots for our brands - from conceptualisation to fruition, the wonderful minds of our team deliver top quality work to drive more attention during this 11.11 campaign!

1111 CreativesOur Creatives putting on their game faces: Reviewing the 11.11 promo bundle pack shots!


Channel Management Team

Our Channel Management Team is an important function of our daily operations here at UrbanFox, often acting as the core coordinators between cross-functional projects, and liaison between internal and external stakeholders.

A huge shoutout to the wonderful work that our Foxes have put in, as they work behind-the-scene, putting in unseen work prior to the launch of campaigns and seasonal sales!

We hope you have managed to snag some good deals this 11.11 and we cannot wait to share what we have in store for the upcoming 12.12 campaign!


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